Super Salaryman Mr. Saenai (2017) Episode 01 HDTV

01/16/2017 0

Saenai (Shinichi Tsutsumi) is an ordinary salaryman, married to Enko (Kyoko Koizumi) and having a daughter and son. One day, he meets a mysterious old man who forces him to take a super suit with superhuman powers. Saenai is constrained to keep the peace. After he resolves trouble and takes off his super suit, his activities slip from the mind's of other people.

Okaasan, Musume wo yamete ii desuka? (2017) Episode 01 HDTVRip

01/15/2017 0

Mizuki Hayase (Haru) is 25 years old and her mother Akiko (Yuki Saito) is 50 years old. Mizuki Hayase teaches English at a girls’ high school. Aikiko is a devoted mother to Mizuki and Mizuki totally trusts her mother. In fact, the two are like best friends. Mizuki’s father Koji (Yasufumi Terawaki) is like an outsider in the relationship between mother and daughter. Housemaker Matsushima (Yuya Yagira) begins working for the Hayase family. Matsushima gets close to the mother and daughter. While Mizuki spends time with Matsushima, she realizes that has been too dependent on her mother. Soon, Akiko feels like her daughter is getting more distant from her. Akiko, afraid of losing Mizuki, makes the dangerous decision to seduce Matsushima.

Ai wo Kou Hito (2017) SP (Completed) HDTV

01/14/2017 0

Toyoko doesn't know how to love her daughter Terue and subjects the latter to physical abuse when she was a child. As a result, Terue was hungry for love but didn't know how to be loved. Years later, Terue grows up and has a daughter Migusa who is in senior high school when she reunites with her brother Takenori who was separated from her at birth. Due to the reunion, memories of her miserable childhood come flooding back. With the support of Migusa, Terue decides to head to Taiwan to look for her late father's grave and finds out the truth behind her mother's behaviour after meeting Toyoko there. *Based on the novel Ai wo kou hito by Harumi Shimoda.

Shukatsu Kazoku~Kitto, Umaku Iku~ (2017) Episode 01 HDTV

01/14/2017 0

Yosuke Tomikawa (Tomokazu Miura) is married to Mizuki (Hitomi Kuroki). They have a daughter, Shiori (Atsuko Maeda), and son, Ko (Asuka Kudo). Yosuke works as the general manager in the personnel department at a large company. His wife works as a teacher at a private middle school. Their daughter works as a jewelry maker and their son is looking for a job. The family appears to look like a peaceful family, but, due to an accidental opportunity, the family begins to collapse.

Lost & Found (2016) Movie HDRip

01/11/2017 0

Sent to spend the summer on a remote and mysterious island, teenage brothers embark on a thrilling treasure hunt to restore their family's lost fortune.