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[K-Drama] Queen of Mystery Episode 07 PAHE

04/27/2017 0

Yoo Seol-Ok liked mystery novels and wanted to become a detective, but she gave up her dream after marrying. Now, she is a housewife with a husband who works as a prosecutor. She meets Ha Wan-Seung. He is a passionate detective and they decide to collaborate to solve cases.

[K-Drama] Radiant Office Episode 13 PAHE

04/27/2017 0

A woman struggles to find a job, but she keeps failing. She decides to jump into the Han River to die. The woman is rescued and is sent to the hospital emergency room. There, she hears that she might have a fatal disease and she might not have much time left to live. She barely manages to land a job as a contract worker.

[J-Drama] Crisis: Kouan Kidou Sousatai Tokusou-han Episode 03 PAHE

04/26/2017 0

Akira Inami (Shun Oguri) is a former Self-Defense Force member. He was emotionally scarred by a special mission and subsequently discharged from the Self-Defense Force. Now, Akira Inami works for a secret Special Investigation Team at the National Police Agency. Meanwhile, Saburo Tamaru (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is kind and stoic. He used to go on special missions, but due to an incident was ordered to join the Special Investigation Team. With Akira Inami, Saburo Tamaru and other members, the Special Investigation Team tackles important political matters and dirty jobs for the government.

[J-Movie] Good Morning Show Movie PAHE

04/26/2017 0

Shingo (Kiichi Nakai) is a host for morning TV show "Good Morning Show." He wakes up at 3AM as usual and becomes involved in a quarrel between his wife and son. Shingo arrives at the broadcasting station and co-host Keiko (Masami Nagasawa) demands that he reveal their romantic relationship live on air. Making things even worse, the producer informs Shingo that the show is about to be cancelled. At this time, a breaking news story occurs. A man with a gun holds hostages at a cafe.

[J-Movie] Ikari Movie PAHE

04/26/2017 0

A man brutally murders a married couple and leaves behind the words "Ikari" ("Anger") written with their blood. The killer undergoes plastic surgery and flees.
At 3 different locations in Japan, a male stranger appear. People there suspect that the stranger might be the murderer.

[J-Drama] Ningen no Shomei SP 01 (Completed) PAHE

04/26/2017 0

One day in Tokyo in 1974, a black youth with a scruffy appearance mysteriously dies inside a hotel elevator headed for the top floor. He had been stabbed deep in the chest with a knife. A single tear ran down his cheek. Detective Munesue Koichiro of Kojimachi Higashi Police Precinct rushes to the scene and begins to investigate the youth’s death together with Yokowatari Shinsuke from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division.

[J-Drama] Kajitsu no Nai Mori SP 01 (Completed) PAHE

04/26/2017 0

Ryusuke Umeki (Noriyuki Higashiyama) works as a creative planner for an IT company.
One rainy night, while driving back home, Ryusuke Umeki picks up a man and a woman named Miyuki Eto. Miyuki Eto is a mysterious and beautiful woman. Ryusuke Umeki becomes addicted to her sexual attraction, but he learns that men who approached her had suspicious deaths. At the risk of his own life, he begins to look into Miyuki Eto’s identity.

[J-Drama] Hagoku SP 01 (Completed) PAHE

04/26/2017 0

One late night in June 1942, Sakuma Seitaro dangles from the frame of a skylight in an isolation cell in Akita Prison. He forces open the glass window and breaks out of jail. This crime even reaches the ears of Urata Susumu, the chief warden of Kosuge Prison in Tokyo. Urata had been in charge of those sentenced to life in the prison until last year.

[J-Drama] Hitoya no Toge Episode 05 PAHE

04/26/2017 0

Ryota Takeshima (Masataka Kubota) has followed in his father's footsteps and now works as a prison officer at Kitakanto Prison. He has witnessed corrupt prison officers who tolerates bullying and gambling. Soichi Nakui (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) then becomes the newly appointed prison chief. Soichi gives an order to Ryota, informing him that he will get rid of prison corruption.

[K-Drama] My Secret Romance Episode 04 PAHE

04/25/2017 0

Cha Jin-Wook (Sung Hoon) is a son from a wealthy family. His family runs a large company. Cha Jin-Wook only pursues short term love. He meets Lee Yoo-Mi (Song Ji-Eun) and changes. Lee Yoo-Mi has never had a boyfriend before.

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