[J-Drama] Kurara: Hokusai no Musume SP 01 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

Follows the life of ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Oi (Aoi Miyazaki). She is the third daughter of renown artist Hokusai Katsushika. As a child, she watched her father and became fond of painting. As an adult, she divorced a few years after marrying and then assisted her father.

[J-Drama] Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai Episode 01-10 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

Tsukasa Kobayashi (Ryo Nishikido) is an ideal husband to his wife Sayaka (Mayu Matsuoka). Tsukasa Kobayashi possesses a good appearance, impressive educational background and earns a high salary, but he holds a secret from Sayaka. His secret is that he is incompetent at his job. He constantly messes up at work and gets to the point that he doesn't think he can do his job anymore. Then, Tsukasa Kobayashi learns his wife is pregnant. He can't quit his job now.

[J-Drama] Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta Episode 01-11 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

Keita Orimo (Atsushi Ito) works at an apparel company and is on the layoff list. He is divorced and has a 9-year-old daughter. Keita Orimo is also a bit old-school and carries a flip phone. One day, Keita Orimo's brain suddenly becomes like a smartphone. He can see text balloons flying by and he can even see messages for other people. His smartphone like brain leads him to get involved with trouble at his workplace.

[J-Drama] Keishicho Zero Gakari Season 2 Episode 01-08 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

The “anything” consultation office of Suginami Chuo Police Precinct is a department to leave people who have got the boot for causing problems at various places. “Zero is zero no matter how you multiply it.” That is to say, good-for-nothings are useless no matter how many people there are. They get ridiculed as the “Zero Section” and have to handle miscellaneous affairs such as annoying, trivial notifications, complaints, claims and troublesome disputes. At the section, the naive Kobayakawa Fuyuhiko, a career police officer from the National Research Institute of Police Science who cannot read situations, teams up with capable veteran detective Terada Torami who was thrown out of the Criminal Affairs Division for causing trouble all the time. Although they do not agree with each other, they take on all sorts of cases and chores with their good-for-nothing colleagues.

[J-Drama] Gomen, Aishiteru Episode 01-10 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

When Ritsu (Tomoya Nagase) was little, he was abandoned by his mother Reiko (Shinobu Otake). Ritsu belongs in the lower social strata. He happens to help Rinka (Riho Yoshioka).
One day, Ritsu gets involved in a case and gets severely injured in the head. He can die at anytime. He attempts to find his mother and be good to her before his death. Ritsu finally finds his mother, but learns that she is leading a happy life with her pianist son Satoru (Kentaro Sakaguchi). He thought his mother abandoned him due to poverty. Ritsu decides to take revenge on his mother. Ritsu then meets Rinka again, who is Satoru’s childhood friend.

[J-Drama] Bokutachi ga Yarimashita Episode 01-10 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

Tobio Masubuchi (Masataka Kubota) and his friends are ordinary high school students. Due to an incident, their peaceful days are about to change. Tobio’s friends are beaten by students from another high school in their neighborhood. Tobio and his friends scheme to get back the students from the other school. The day they are to carry out their plan, they see the other high school engulfed in flames. Tobio and his friends become suspects.

[J-Drama] Aishite tatte, Himitsu wa Aru Episode 01-10 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

When Rei Okumori (Sota Fukushi) was in the 3rd grade of middle school, he killed his father to protect his mother Akiko (Honami Suzuki). His father physically abused his mother. They buried his dead body in their yard and made it appear he went missing. Since that time, they kept they their secret and did not tell anyone.

[J-Drama] Izakaya Fuji Episode 01-12 (Completed)

09/30/2017 0

Eiichi Nishio (Kento Nagayama) is a young actor. He is not very popular and only receives offers to play dead bodies. One day, he wanders around Nakameguro, Tokyo and recognizes the restaurant/bar Izakaya Fuji. He saw pictures of Izakaya Fuji on a woman's Instagram account and decides to go in.
There, he meets Nao Omori (Nao Omori) and other actors who are all regulars at Izakaya Fuji.

[J-Drama] Saboriman Kantarou Episode 01-12 (Completed)

09/27/2017 0

Kantarou Ametani (Matsuya Onoe) is a handsome single man with glasses. He works as a salesperson for a publishing company. He does his job well and has the trust of those around him, but he has secret. He skips work and eats sweets.

[J-Movie] Survival Family Movie

09/23/2017 0

A world wide electrical outage occurs. Everything that requires electricity comes to a stop. Tokyo is nearly ruined. Yoshiyuki Suzuki (Fumiyo Kohinata) decides to escape from Tokyo with his family.

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